RLRP Grant Writing Collaborative

How it works

AIE's Grant Writing Collaborative is designed to help develop strong teams of grant writers within Louisiana schools to secure grant funds and meaningfully involve business and community in schools. Made possible by a grant from the Huey and Angelina Wilson Foundation, this collaborative is an opportunity for school teams to participate in a program that will provide skills necessary to secure funding and other resources within their respective schools.

School teams composed of three to five team members were selected on a competitive basis to participate. Applications with the most compelling argument for creating systemic change in areas that will improve educational systems and opportunities for the students and families in their participating school were selected to participate.


Design of the Collaborative

RLRP Grant Writing Collaborative, comprised of three components:

1. Grant Writing Seminar: One interactive, full-day grant writing seminar for participating teams. 

2. Professional Consultation: Teams receive a free consultation with a professional grant writer to discuss the progress of the application and to receive feedback and input on the proposal. The purpose of the consultation is to assist each team in writing a competitive grant.

3. Regional Funders Showcase: Teams receive free access to a regional Funders Showcase where local funders share insights to securing funding from the local grant-making community and the best tips and advice for securing funds and community partnerships.

At the conclusion of the collaborative, participants have the skills in place to secure support and dollars available to help schools to improve academic achievement, enhance school climate, and improve the community around the school.


To schedule a Grant Writing Collaborative in your region, contact info@advanceie.org or call 225.572.7353 today!